Details about E-commerce websites, created by Suitcase of Dreams

  The quantity of your products is unlimited. Let us talk about variety of the products. We will take Suitcase of Dreams products as example. We have a list of products:
          1. Program Multiplication_Table
          2. Program Reduce_Fraction
          3. Program Count_Fraction
          4. Program Learn_Functions
          5. Program Words_and_Pictures
          6. Program Name_Address_and_More
          7. Program Learn_Colours
          8. Program Learn_Shapes_Sizes
          9. Program Learn_Coins
        10. Program An_Album
        11. CustomizeTemplate No_Animation_NoRollovers
        12. CustomizeTemplate No_Animation+NoRollovers
        13. CustomizeTemplate No_Animation+Image_Map
        14.CustomizeTemplate Animation_NoRollovers
        15.CustomizeTemplate Animation+Rollovers
        16.CustomizeTemplate Animatiom+Image_Map
        17. ExclusiveWebDesign Silver_Package
        18. ExclusiveWebDesign Gold_Package
        19. ExclusiveWebDesign Database_Package
        20. ExclusiveWebDesign E-commerce
        21. No_Link_with_Free_Linkware_Graphics
        22. Agreement
 We can put them all together on a price page. Look at Example #1 here.

Let us move to the Example #2
Pay attention we can divide our products into 5 different groups
Group #1 - Program
Group #2 - CustomizeTemplate
  1. Multiplication_Table
  2. Reduce_Fraction
  3. Count_Fraction
  4. Learn_Functions
  5. Words_and_Pictures
  6. Name_Address_and_More
  7. Learn_Colours
  8. Learn_Shapes_Sizes
  9. Learn_Coins
  10 .An_Album
  11. No_Animation_NoRollovers
  12. No_Animation+NoRollovers
  13. No_Animation+Image_Map
Group #3 - ExclusiveWebDesign
Group #4 - No_Link_with_Free_Linkware_Graphics
  17. Silver_Package
  18. Gold_Package
  19. Database_Package
  20. E-commerce
  21. NoLink
Group #5 - Agreement
  22. Agreement  

Look at Example #2 here.

You can give your customers possibility to select some groups of the product as in Example #3

 In our  E-commerce package you have choice between #1, #2 and #3 examples. If you need more sub-sub-groups you will have to order it additionally. Contact us about price if you need more complex structure.

Details about different ways to accept payment

  Our E-commerce website is very flexible. If you have a small business and can not afford to pay monthly fees for Visa card, Mastercard and so on you can accept checks or money orders. It will cost you NOTHING. Or you can make next step and accept payment via PayPal. PayPal allows you to accept Visa card, Mastercard with No monthly fee. Visa card, Mastercard and so on usually takes 3 - 4 % plus monthly fees. If you decide from the very beginning to accept Visa card, Mastercard we do it for you without any additional payment. If you ask us later to add such functionality to your website we will charge you $100.

Details about possible different hosting companies for your website

 We create our E-commerce websites with the ASP .NET technology. The hosting company must have this technology together with VB .Net and Net.Framework installed on their servers. Also MS SQL 2000 server has to be installed on their servers. It is the reason why we recommend you to choose our hosting company. We are absolutely sure they have all that you need. If you prefer another hosting company we can not guarantee that they have all neccessary software installed on their servers. In any case you can upload the website yourself (we will send you your zip files). If you want us to upload the website for you, we can do it for $100 with our hosting company. 
If you want another hosting company, you will have to pay $200 and we will do the best to upload website. Very often hosting companies will not give all the information about their technology untill you order their service. If this happens you will have to accept the risk of loss of the hosting company's setup or/and other fees. As to us - we will give you a second chance with another hosting company free. But if repeates again you will have 2 choices: eather choose another hosting company and agree to pay new $200 (or $100 in case of our hosting company) or pay us $35 per hour for changing programming in accordance with demands of your hosting company.

How to insert, change and delete data in database

 We include a special page - panel to insert, change and delete data in your database. Even if you had never worked before with any database you can do it very easy. In real application we include a special login page to log into page - panel. For this example we skip this step. Look at the Example of Control Panel here.


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