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About our Free Graphics collection

  Our Royalty Free Graphics collection is the largest supplier of beautiful web graphics, web templates, animation and animated gifs. You will find thousands the highest quality gold and silver clipart, metallic and jewel images, holiday greetings, dividers, charms, letters, banners, buttons, alphabets, numbers and fantasy art. It is the best and the most realistic gold and silver effect design, you can find on the web.

  You will find a lot of free stuff on this site. It has animated gifs, and animated web graphics. What is a difference between animated gif and animated web graphic? Well, gif is a single file. Web graphic could consists of many files. Look at the page Gold Text Try to save the first top image. You will get only a piece of animation. Original source file was too big to put it on the web page and so it was divided.


About our images

  Many our images are vector graphics. Because of the mathematical nature of vectors, they are very flexible. Vectors can be stretched to a larger height and width and still maintain its image integrity. This quality makes vector graphics popular for use in animation. The ability to scale a vector graphic is also beneficial if you design a logo - it can be scaled down for web and scale up for print.

  Most of our graphics are transparent gif. They are all high resolution images for better results and less distortion when scaling or rotating with image editor software.

  Downloading time is an important consideration when creating web sites. Too many images can increase downloading time. The solution is to reduce the size of the images otherwise known as 'optimizing'. All our images are optimized well and have very small size.


Free web templates

  We have almost two hundred of free web site templates. They are 100% free and they fit monitors of any size because we use auto stretch tables to design them. Feel free to use them for your web site or web page. Do you want web site at no cost? Use our free template and free images from our free graphics collection, and host your web site with free hosting company. You will find our free templates at Free Templates

How can you use our free graphics collection?

  Read our Terms of use and feel free to use them. If to be short - you may use our free images and free web templates for display purposes on commercial or non-commercial, profit or non-profit site. You may even combine & alter the images as you wish. But you MUST provide a link to Suitcase of Dreams on your site. And of course you may not claim our images as your own.


What can we do for you?

   Customizing free templates
  We can custom-made a template for you. For $59.95 you get fully customizing template. You will find our free templates at Free Templates  and details about price at Price List

  Web graphics
  We create Animation, Rollovers, Navigation Bars, Clipart, Vector graphics, Fractal graphics and more. We can custom-made banners and other graphics for you. Look at our Free graphics collection Our price is very affordable. Details at Price list

  Special offer: 3 page web site for $150
  How do you like to have 3 page website for $150? Or 5 page website for $180? Or 1 page for $99? Read details at Web Design

  Exclusive web design
  We will create exclusive graphics and exclusive web design for your web site. Our Packages start from only $220.00 You can read details at Web Design


  Database driven web site
  We offer dynamic web site design with database and web programming. You can read details at Web Design

  We designed "Suitcase of Dreams" E-commerce and Shopping Cart with ASP.Net Technology. Our E-commerce package starts from $699 with NO monthly fees & NO hidden fees. You can read details at Web Design


  Complex database and advanced programming
  Databases could be designed and used as final stand - alone product. But users of database especially gain when professionally designed database is used as a tool in desktop or web application. We design databases of any complexity from quick, easy membership type database to powerful "mega" databases with hundreds and thousands stored procedures, triggers, views and intricate sql. Details at Database Design

  Custom software for personal and business needs
  We design, build, develop and implement any size custom software applications and custom web applications. At Suitcase of Dreams, you will find that custom programming is affordable. Look at Price List


 Ready to download programs
  We offer 9 computer programs. Three of them are educational freeware. You can find them at Programming Page.

  Mathematics, mathematical modeling and mathematical research
  We work with all branches of mathematics. Details at Price List


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